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Amusing information on cakes

Cakes have been created, enjoyed and loved by people all around the world since hundreds of years. Let us have a look at some fun and amusing facts on the universal favorite- Cakes!

·         Romans used to add butter and eggs even to normal bread to give them consistency and honey was used as the sweetening ingredient. That is why the roman concept of bread and cake were not much different.


·         The saying ‘a piece of cake’ was first coined in the 20th century and may have derived its origin from the cakewalk competition.


·         ‘Cake’ comes from middle English ‘Kake’ which may have been borrowed from old Norse.


·         The meaning of cake evolved over time. First, it was coined to mean a small round or oval shaped flat bread which was hard baked on both sides.


·         In Scotland, northern England and parts of Wales cake meant a thick hard biscuit made from oatmeal.


·         November 26th is International Cake Day.


·         The term ‘Birthday Cake’ was first heard in 1785.


·         Earlier, in weddings either big bread loaf was broken on the bride’s head or pieces of loaf were thrown at her.


·         The yummy cheesecake is believed to have been served during the first Olympic games.


·         In 17th century England, it was believed that keeping fruitcakes under the pillows of unmarried people will give them sweet dreams about their fiancée.


·         Once a woman ate ‘red velvet cake’ in a restaurant and liked it so much that she asked for its recipe. The restaurant sent the recipe to her but charged a $100 for it. She then sent the recipe as chain mail to thousands of people as revenge.


·         White cakes stand for virginity and purity.


·         There is groom’s cake just like the bride’s cake. The groom’s cake was mostly a fruit cake which symbolized fertility.

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