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Baking temperature and how does it affect your cake

Does it not make you think why do bakers, chefs and even cookbooks rake up such a storm to be sure that the temperature of your oven is correct? What magic is in this accurate temperature that gets the cakes to be perfect and what awaits the fate of those cakes which did not have the preferred temperature during baking? Let us see the effects that temperature of the oven has on the cakes and how can you control the final result with a little technical knowledge of the process.

Setting a unanimous baking temperature is one of the hardest jobs ever in baking industry. Temperature of baking is dependent on multiple variables such as oven, ingredients, size of the pan, height etc. During the process, cake dough goes through complicated procedure to change the sludge into light and fluffy delight. And to reach that level, correct oven temperature is indispensable. What happens during this baking process? Well, quite a few things go on few important things are: fats liquefy, sugar melts, gases are created and they expand, starches coagulate, proteins consolidate, caramelization happens, gases evaporate.

When a cake is allowed to bake at comparatively modest temperature all the above processes occur equally and leisurely and less overlapping of the processes whereas cake dough placed in high temperature oven will make these processes take place quicker which may cause them to overlap and lead to unequal distribution. As such the surface of the cake will cook quicker than its inside. Also the crumb of the cake baked at low temperature is quite soft and smooth compared to the one baked at high temperature. Also with high temperature baking, the surface is more dried and in cases where caramelization occurs at such temperature, it might bring about a burnt, acrid taste.

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