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Baking with alcohol

A great number of cakes incorporate alcohol as one of the important ingredients. It boosts the flavor of cakes in a few ways:

It brings in alcohol’s own flavor and they are regulated by grain, fruits, various other sources and the process of fermentation itself.

Alcohol evaporates quite easily and while doing so, it also takes other flavors from the cake with it. They together release a more appetizing smell from the cake.

It can add moisture, more flavor, and a supple crumb to the cake.

So, how much alcohol is the normal permissive amount while baking?

Almost a concentration of 1% alcohol by volume is considered the optimal amount. But it may not be ideal in cases where liquor with low concentration of alcohol are used. The level of concentration of alcohol is the determining factor on the amount of beverage to be used in cake making. Other important factors include alcohol’s liquid ingredient balance and your personal preference on how spunky you want your cake to be. Most of the alcohol used in baking evaporates during the process itself but a good amount still remains in the cake.

Alcohol can also be used in cakes outside the baking process. If you want the alcohol to be a stronger flavor in your cake, you can mix alcohol in the syrup in which you will soak the layers of your cake or you can also use it in frosting, in the final topping or in the whipped cream even!

Alcohol has its effects on the cake structure and texture as well. Alcohol itself and its acidity may decrease the structural strength of a cake. But on the whole, using alcohol in cakes gives a push towards a more vibrant and intriguing flavor and if they are used in correct proportions, the cake would not be too much boozy. It is recommended to use the best alcohol so that the cake tastes best. Quality does matter.

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