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Cake is good for you!!!!!

General perception regarding cakes is that, a thing such as cake which tastes so divine and sinful at the same time cannot be good. But many modern studies have now established the fact that eating cake has benefits both physical and emotional. Most widely accepted benefits of cakes are:

Cake can counter depression: Baking cake needs planning and total concentration which takes your mind away from problems and troubles. Creating cakes gives you a sense of satisfaction. The wonderful smell of cake being baked makes you feel good. Baking with your loved ones helps you enjoy their company and creates a sense of belonging.

Cake helps you become famous: Well yeah, that is true! Scientifically it has been proved that eating cake with others builds and strengthens bonds and friendships. It creates a sense of togetherness.

Cake makes you feel happy: Many scientific experiments have shown that people who eat sweet things like cakes tend to feel happier compared to those who eat salty items. Cake is a comfort food which gives you a sense of positivity.

Cake can help you get slim: Yeah you heard it right, cakes do help you in losing weight. In order to do that, cakes should be had in the morning rather than in the afternoon. A study few years ago proved that those who had dessert as part of a balanced diet and ate cakes, pudding etc. as part of breakfast had less chance of gaining weight rather than those who did not part take cake etc. in the morning. It is because of the fact that metabolism rate is highest in the morning compared to afternoon or at night.

Cake has tasty as well as beneficial ingredients: Chocolate, carrot, walnut, lemon, almonds, fruits, eggs, oats and most other cake ingredients we all know are beneficial to human body and mind. So, it is not as bad as we have been made to believe.

For some of the yummiest and most bespoke cakes, contact us at Kool Cakes via Twitter, Facebook. You can give us a call at 02082043949 to place your order directly or log in to www.koolcakes.co.uk to order online. 

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