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Cakes, the history that you didn’t know

In every joyous occasion, we indulge in sweets and for that cakes are almost implied. But how did cakes come to occupy this central position in celebrations?  The symbolism, rituals from various cultures around the world has contributed to shape cakes as we know today.

Food history shows that it was the Egyptians who displayed a talent for baking and cake creation for the first time. They looked more like bread and honey was used for adding the sweet quotient. The word ‘Cake’ has its roots in Viking, the word comes from the Norse word ‘Kaka’.

Cakes, since ancient times represented the importance of the person it was made for. Expensive elements like refined sugar, dry fruits, nuts were used to make the cakes more delicious and show how loved was the person for whom it was created.

Ancient rituals

In many ancient customs, cakes are quite indispensable many of which are followed even today. Cakes were special offerings to Gods and spirits around the world during ancient times. Russians make thin pancakes which they call Blini to show their reverence to a deity called Maslenitsa. Chinese observe Harvest Moon Festival and prepare moon cakes in honor of their Moon Goddess. This custom is followed even today. Celts of earlier times, used to roll cakes downhill during Beltane festivities on first day of the spring to replicate the solar movement.


Traditionally cakes have always been round. Nowadays, we can have almost any shape that we wish for. Cakes were made round to represent the cyclic nature of the Sun, Moon and life itself. This may also explain why most cake making was done during festivals or significant events.

Moreover, the breads that were baked in ancient times were also round.

Increase in baking

The industrial revolution gave a whole new push to cake making industry. With the invention of baking powder, baking soda the common people could now bake and enjoy this delicious treat. Ovens were being invented where baking temperatures could be controlled which meant it became easier for the masses to bake. Creation of railways made ingredients very easily available in all parts.

The two contrasting cakes

White colored cakes having fluffy and light exteriors. The use of egg whites brought the airy texture which were thought to represent the angels. Extremely rich and delicious chocolate made their taste almost sinful. Therefore they were known as devil cakes and they began to get popular in the 20th century.

Cakes, too have a rich history. While you enjoy the yummy cakes from Kool Cakes, spare a thought for all the human efforts that has made the modern cake a possibility. Give us a call on 0208 2043949 to place your order or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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