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Chocolate, the eternal favorite

Chocolate! Yeah the name itself makes our mouth watery. There is hardly anyone who does not like chocolate. Chocolate makes you feel good when you are down, it is a comfort food, relieves stress, takes your romance to a whole new level, uplifts your mood. But the most important question is, is Chocolate healthy?

Chocolate in moderate amount is good for the human body. Chocolate gives emotional stability which improves the endorphins in your body. Dark chocolate is most beneficial which contains seventy percent or more cocoa. A few health benefits of chocolate are:

Chocolate lowers cholesterol level: Cocoa has antioxidants called polyphenol which checks the oxidation of bad cholesterol and rises the level of good cholesterol. This helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Chocolate is beneficial for heart: Dark chocolate prevents white blood cells from clinging to the walls of blood vessels and bring back flexibility of the arteries. These in turn improves blood circulation and stops artery clogging.

Chocolate is rich in minerals: Minerals such as potassium, zinc, selenium can be found aplenty in dark chocolate which are beneficial to health.

Chocolate is good for the skin: The flavanols present in cocoa can provide protection to the skin against damaging rays of the sun.

Chocolate benefits mothers and infants: A study established that eating chocolate reduced stress in pregnant women and their babies were more cheerful compared to those of non chocolate eating mothers.

It helps brain function better: The anti inflammatory qualities of cocoa are good in the treatment of brain injuries such as concussion. Also flavanols prevent loss of memory in old age to a great extent.

Chocolate acts as a check on diabetes: This seems unbelievable but cocoa has been proved to boost insulin sensitivity. Dark chocolate, if eaten in reasonable amount might act as a deterrent to diabetes.

Chocolate has a feel good factor: Chocolate has phenylethylamine (PEA) and it is that special chemical produced by the brain when you get a feeling of falling in love. PEA helps in releasing endorphins which have a feel good factor.

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