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Conventional cakes around the world

Cakes come in multiple variety and baking techniques. Various countries are renowned for their specialties which are now loved and enjoyed all over the world. Let us take a trip around the world and find the amazing cakes and the place they originated from.

France- Galette Des Rois

This cake from France is traditionally baked after Christmas is over, mostly during the first days of January but its popularity has compelled bakers to create it throughout the whole month. Galette Des Rois in English means ‘ King’s Cake’. Layers of buttery puff pastry covered with powdered sugar wrapped around rich almond cream create this mouth watering cake. It is then baked until its exterior acquires a toasted look.

Australia/New Zealand- Pavlova

It is a type of meringue cake named after famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. A pavlova can be baked in various ways. Strawberries and kiwis are the most popular garnishing. Classic meringue ingredients and corn flour create a soft marshmallow like centre and a shell that is deliciously crispy.

Mexico- Three Milks Cake

The base for this cake is created with butter sponge cake which is then soaked in three types of milk- regular, condensed and evaporated and later topped with meringue or whipped cream. This creates a very moist and rich cake which tastes different from regular sponge cakes.

South Africa- Vetkoek ‘Fat Cake’

It is made from dough which contains currants and raisins. This dough is made into round shapes, deep fried in oil and finally covered in sugar, honey or syrup. In its more savory versions it is filled with jam, meat, cheese.

Greece- Revani

It is a sort of moist cake which is created with semolina, a dash of lemon. Orange syrup which is added afterwards makes this smoother and tastier.

Germany- Black Forest Cherry Cake

It is very popular in the Black forest region of south-east Germany. Although widely believed to have been originated from Switzerland, this cake in its current form has been perfected by the Germans. This delicious cake is made of various layers of chocolate cake divided by cherries and topped by whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Japan- Mochi

Mochi is a cake made of rice paste which is traditionally prepared around New Year. But the ability of rice cakes to be molded easily and combined with various elements makes these cakes available the whole year and also in different forms like ice creams, soups etc.

India- Mawa Cake

Mawa means solidified milk which is acquired by cooking the milk very slowly so that the liquid evaporates. Cardamom, nuts such as cashews, almonds are also added in this yummy delicacy.

Scotland- Dundee Cake

It is a classic Scottish fruit cake created with currants, raisins and also cherries in some cases. Scottish whisky is an important element to make the cake moist. It has very light texture and is rich in flavor. Almonds decorated in concentric circles are a sort of hallmark of this cake.

Italy- Panettone

It is a kind of sweet loaf bread coming from northern Italy. It is mostly eaten during Christmas and New Year. Raisings, almonds can be found inside such cakes. They are usually served with sweet liqueurs or hot drinks like hot chocolate.

Be it any cake that your heart desires, we at Kool Cakes have it for you- with or without eggs! Contact us and enjoy any cake anytime!

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