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Fabulous cake decorating ideas

Each and every cake is special. So, the decorations that go with the cake should be such that it echoes the individuality of the cake. The following ideas of cake decorations will definitely create the wow factor and make your delicious cake a visual treat too.

  • Rainbow twizzlers: Who does not like twizzlers? You can include these into your cake to make beautiful patterns. Why not make a little edible garden or try out striped patterns? You can also make beautiful flowers with the twizzlers to decorate your cake with.
  • Actual flowers: Small flowers that are of the edible variety can be a very good decorative accessory for your cake. They look fabulous if decorated in a creative way and  their fragrance combine well with the inviting smell of the cake.
  • Dum dum: Kids love dum dums and they will absolutely love it to see their cake decked up with them.
  • Trix cereal: You can use trix cereal to make cute designs on your cake. You can stick them in the icing and they will look like beautiful polka dots.
  • Edible food coloring: While baking you can use vibrant food colors to bring that distinct look to your cakes. You can also use a paintbrush to create distinct color patterns or add colored icing on top.
  • Edible glitter: Edible glitters really make a cake stand out from the others. Professionals use them to add that oomph factor to their cakes. Why don’t you try them out too?
  • Cookies: Make your cake extra special with cookies as toppings. Chocolate cookies, simple baked ones or those that you buy from market - any cookie will make your cake more appealing.
  • Buttercream frosting: Buttercream is a very versatile and delicious element that can give the cake a professional finish and intensify the overall yummyness of the cake. You can make any designs and use any colors to make the frosting. With buttercream, you have unlimited options.
  • Breakfast cereal: Ever thought of going a bit further with cake decorations yet remain simple? Well breakfast cereals like corn flakes can give that look to your cake. They are easily available and you can decorate with them quite easily and get that distinct look for your cake.
  • Fruit loops: Deck up your cake with colorful and tasty fruit loops which is sure to be appreciated by everyone.
  • M and Ms: Kids as well as adults love M and M and what better accessory to decorate your cake with? They are colorful and their size is perfect to create amazing patterns of your choice.
  • Edible paint: With edible paint you can create scintillating splatter on your cake which look really cool. You must try it out to believe it.
  • Stencils: With stencils and powdered sugar or chocolate powder you can have intricate designs on your cake and wow everyone.
  • Chocolate chips: Chocolate chips are probably the most popular topping for cakes. They are small yet very effective in taste and visual appeal.
  • Dry fruits, pistachios: Topping your cake with dry fruits, pistachios is healthy, tasty and makes your cake look vibrant.
  • Gummy bears: Gummy bears are universal kids favorite and you can decorate the cake for your kids with them to make the cake more memorable for your little angels.


If you want to know more about cakes and how to decorate them, contact us at koolcakes.co.uk. We at www.koolcakes.co.uk pride ourselves with the most exotically decorated and yummy cakes for any occasion. Talk to one of our experts today!

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