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How to buy the correct piping bag

While decorating a cake, piping bag is very essential. So, knowing the correct way to use the piping bag is simply implied. It might feel little bit uneasy at first but with practice and knowing few easy tricks will make you better at handling piping bags.

Selecting the proper material

There are various types of piping bags available in the market which can be divided into two broad categories – disposable piping bags and sustainable piping bags.

Disposable piping bags are mostly made of plastic which is quite thin and these bags tend to be less stiff compared to the sustainable ones. This gives better control and makes piping easier.

The sustainable or reusable piping bags are normally covered with fabric because of which such bags can be easily washed, dried and used again and again. They are great for those who do not go for piping a lot or do not want to generate too much waste.

Getting the correct piping tip

Piping tips come in a variety of size, shapes and designs. Test them and choose the one which suits you the best. You should keep at least one thick and another thin tip handy most of the time.

There are tips which make nice ruffles, others which pipe flowers and similar advanced piping. But for starters you should go for more basic tips. Large piping tips are great for adding buttercream swirls and thin tips are good for intricate designing or writing something on the cake.

Try not to buy a tip which has pronounced seam on its inside. This may leave a line on your frosting making the design look bad or bend the finer piping work inclined on one side. If you do not see any pronounced seam on the inside then feel it for an elevated edge. If both are not present, then you can buy it.

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