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How to get the dream wedding cake within budget

The dream wedding cake that you have always wished for might just be in your grasp! With careful planning, budgeting and going by your instincts, you can outline your wedding in a better and more effective manner.

Wedding cake is one of the most talked about and photographed object in any wedding. Wedding cakes are a wonderful example of creativity which can be eaten! Time, effort, research, planning go into creating these stupendous cakes. Therefore the price that you pay is based mostly on these variables and the actual ingredients play a smaller role.

Below are a few effective tips to bring down the cost of your wedding cake while not compromising with the quality.

·         Set all facts, requirements, style etc. regarding your wedding beforehand. After you do so and have all the details in your hand, you can now start discussing your cake with the planner. This will make the process smooth, easy and fast too.

·         Select methods of decoration that can be created quickly and look amazing as well- such as edible laces, stencil designs etc.

·         It will be better if you go for regular tier which do not need any extra carving.

·         If necessary, try to reduce the size of cake portions rather than making changes or diminishing the design.

·         In place of too many smaller edible flowers, you can use bigger and fewer of such flowers.

·         Try elaborate designs in alternative tiers rather than all the tiers.

·         You can add dummy tiers to your cake to get additional height for your cake.

·         Select classic cake flavors and try to incorporate one or two flavors instead of quite a few.

·         If the cake design is assembled at the wedding reception, it will add to the overall cake price. Try to avoid that.

·         Try using a smaller cake and keep undecorated cutting cakes in the dessert area to provide a wider choice.

·         To get rid of delivery charges, collect your cake from the shop yourself.

Letting the cake designer know of your budget at the start and getting the designer fine tuned to your needs will make the process of cake creation easy and smooth. With a reasonable budget, proficient and understanding designer, you can make sure that you have done your best.

Contact us at Kool Cakes via Twitter, Facebook or just give a call at 02082043949 and get bespoke and delicious wedding cakes of wide variety. You can also log in to www.koolcakes.co.uk and order online.

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