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How to make a healthy cake

Is healthy cake possible? It might seem fantasy because majority of the elements have very high calorie, sugar and fat. But with the help of little tricks, you can give your favorite cake a healthy surprise.

Butter: Butter is very popular ingredient in cakes but it has high quantity of saturated fats which might affect general health. You can replace butter with say, olive oil which will have almost the same taste. Olive oil has much lesser saturated fat than butter. But you need to look out while doing this replacement of hard fats with oil. You need to use lesser quantity of oil compared to the butter that is used.

Sugar: Sugar, the indispensable cake element can be substituted by applesauce. When you do this substitution, you need to use applesauce in 1:1 ratio. Also reduce the quantity of water, milk and any other liquid in the recipe by ¼ cup for every one cup of applesauce that you add.

White flour:  You can avoid white flour and use nut flour, whole white flour or a mixture of few different types of flours. White flour is processed in a way that removes the germ and bran of the wheat which takes away all healthy stuff like fiber.

Extra fat: Fat although is necessary for the body, but why use more than what is needed. One of the best and tastiest substitutes is mashed banana. You can use one cup of mashed banana in place of one cup of butter or oil. While making chocolate cake ¾ cup prunes pureed with ¼ cup boiling water is a great substitute for butter!

Toppings: Why not cut down on the extra toppings? You can easily avoid refined and powdered sugar. In place of classic candy toppings and frosting fresh whipped cream can be used. Again fresh fruits, dark chocolate which are rich in anti oxidants can be used as healthier toppings.

You can have your choice of cakes at Kool Cakes. Totally sinful or absolutely healthy, our cakes will certainly excite your taste buds. Contact us on Facebook, Twitter or just give a call at 02082043949.

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