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How to stay slim even after eating cakes

Cakes are universal favorites. You can hardly find anyone who will disagree. But the general perception is that cakes, inspite of being one of the most loved food items, is not so health friendly. But will a few slices of cake increase weight and make you unhealthy? Well, you will be delighted to know that many recent studies and researches have shown that cakes are not as unhealthy as we thought. To maintain health the right balanced diet is necessary which also includes desserts. The challenge is to find the right balance and maintain it. Balanced diet differs from person to person. But there are a few commonly accepted guidelines through which most of us can live normally without the worrying about the flab.

Cake for breakfast

Unbelievable but true. Eating cakes for breakfast can lead to weight loss!! Eating carbohydrates and proteins in breakfast may help in keeping you full all through the entire day and you might not feel very hungry. When you get hungry the ghrelin level rises which leads to decrease in metabolism rate. A balanced breakfast of proteins, carbohydrates and sweets in most cases makes you feel less hungry and maintains the right metabolism rate so that you stay fit.

Do not eat cakes everyday

If you are not having cakes at breakfast, then it is better if you eat cakes once a week or maybe once in two weeks. Setting a routine can help you keep a check on the consumption and keep it at a manageable level.

Do not overeat

If you are maintaining the rule of cakes in every one or two weeks but are eating too many cakes on that single day, then it would not be good for your health. Eat cakes but never over do it. It is always better to eat within limits, be it anything.


Whenever you are eating cakes, do not eat alone. Share it with your friends and loved ones. This will not only make your portion less but also strengthen the bond of love and friendship.

Watch out your daily diet

Try to lessen the sugar content in your everyday diet. Try to avoid salads with sweet dressing, BBQ sauce, cocktails with syrups, etc. If you minimize your daily intake of sugar and sugar based food items, you can enjoy cakes more freely.

Quality more important than quantity

Try to avoid the sweet items which you do not prefer much. For example if you do not like doughnuts much then do not have them at all. In their place you can have an extra slice of your favourite cake!

Hit the gym

Whenever you think you have had more than your fair share, do not worry. Get yourself some exercise! In fact with that extra sugar you can workout better because sugar acts as a fuel for your muscles. So, use that fuel to amp up your metabolism.

Be ready to say no

Stand firm on your decision and say no to others, especially your peers. Many people have the habit of trying to encourage others into doing things which are harmful for them. Also there may be many occasions when everyone is having a bite and you would be pressurized to do the same. In those cases, you need to put your foot down and not succumb to peer pressure. Your health is in your hands and no one else!

Anything taken in huge quantities is not good for health. Whether sweet or savory. You need to keep a check on what you eat and maintain a balanced diet. Everything should be eaten within limits. Only then can you remain healthy.

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