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How to use a piping bag properly

Piping work on your cake will only make it visually more inviting and those extra cream and fondants will only add to the yummyness of the cake. So, how to do your piping properly. Well, we will show you the easiest and best ways on using that piping bag so that you can have a lovely decorated cake for your loved ones.

Fix the tip to your piping bag

Easy way of fixing the tip is to cut off the tip of your disposable piping bag and slip the tip into the bag and fit it to the opening.

Another way is by using a coupler. It is a two part plastic accessory through which you can remove a piping tip and fix another one in its place. They are mostly used when the same piping spout is used for more than one type of frosting bags or icing or even when same frosting is to be done with multiple tips.

Slide the piping tip inside the bag close to the tip, then cut off the end of piping bag to make a hole. Then fix the piping tip in that opening and use the other tip that looks like a ring to firmly affix the nozzle in its place.

Stuffing the piping bag

Beginners might find this a little tough but using a glass or tall cup will makes things simpler. After you have firmly fit the piping tip to your bag, place it in a glass or tall cup with the tip side down. Fold over the end part of your piping bag to make a type of belt around the top end of the cup. Now you can pour the frosting without any problem.

Using multiple colors in the piping bag

If you want to use two colors for your piping, then fill one side of the bag carefully with one color leaving room on the opposite side for another color. Now fill the vacant side with another color of your choice. Also you can paint the inside of your piping bag with edible color just before filling it up with piping cream. Then stuff the bag with piping. Now when you start doing the piping, you will see the color leaving trails on your frosting.

Holding the bag properly

Different designs need different degrees of control and this can be achieved by holding the piping bag in specific ways. But you have to feel comfortable the way you hold it, otherwise the result would not be perfect. If you want a generous swirling on your cakes it is better to hold the bag vertically at the top. It is advisable to start frosting from the centre, But when creating elaborate frosting or icing work on your cake you will need more concentration and better control on your piping bag. Holding the bag close to the cake at an angle will be advantageous. Try not squeezing the bag too hard because your frosting will flow out; again if you press it too lightly your frosting will be unstable.


Practice leads to perfection. Even professionals practice doing the frosting everytime. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. The pressure and speed have to be steady. Too slow speed will make the frosting weak. So practice and practice and you will master it.

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