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Interesting facts about Cupcakes

Cupcakes are universal favorites. But did you know these interesting facts about cupcakes?

·         Cupcakes in Britain are called Fairy Cakes. Compared to the butter cream used by American bakers, the fairy cakes use a lighter glace icing. Also the sponge cake used in them are lighter than their American versions. A type of Fairy cake made with its top cut off and replaced in two pieces so that they look like wings are called Butterfly Cupcakes.

·         A study shows almost 13% of the brides choose to serve cupcakes at their wedding rather than the classic wedding cake. It may be thus, because you can have an unlimited choice of flavors in cupcakes which is not possible in case of traditional wedding cakes. Also cupcakes can be decorated elaborately or casually.

·         Hostess Cupcakes which maybe world’s most loved cupcakes were first made in 1950s. The makers decided on making cupcakes because making cupcakes is easier and quicker than regular cakes. According to 2011 reports, the Hostess sells more than 600 million cupcakes each year.

·         GourmetGiftBaskets.com created the record for the biggest cupcake ever on August 15th 2009. The cupcake was 10 foot wide, 4 foot tall weighed 1124 pounds and had 2 million calories.

·         The smallest cupcake ever made is 1.5 centimeters tall and 3 centimeters wide. It was made to celebrate the national Cupcake week.

·         It was Winston Churchill who for the very first time suggested a type of sweet frosting on top of the cupcakes.

·         The world’s first bakery exclusively for cupcakes was opened by Sprinkles Cupcakes in 2005.


For the yummiest and most luscious cupcakes, contact Kool Cakes through Facebook, Twitter or just a simple phone call at 0208 4279990. We pride ourselves in serving some of the best cupcakes in Harrow. 

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