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Intriguing facts on cakes

Who does not love to indulge in cakes? Yeah everybody. In every country of the world, cakes are created and enjoyed heartily. As such almost all countries have their signature cakes which are now eaten and loved irrespective of geographical boundaries. Cakes are probably the world’s unanimous choice when it comes to food. Let us learn a few interesting facts about cakes.

·         It was in 1796 that we find the earliest mention of cupcakes by Amelia Simmons in American Cookery.

·        This special type of cakes were called cupcakes because they were baked in cups and its ingredients were always measured by the cupful.

·        Placenta, the scientific term is the Latin for cake. Plancenta was named because of its flat shape.

·        Cakes, in Middle Ages meant a flat round bread baked hard on both sides.

·        Fruit cake eating record is held by Sonya Thomas who ate 4lb 14.25oz in 10 minutes in 2003.

·        The world record for cupcake eating stands at 72 cupcakes in 6 minutes by Patrick Bartoletti created in 2012.

·        The difference between cakes and biscuits is that cakes become hard when stale whereas biscuits go soft.

·        An old English superstition holds that if you put fruit cake under your pillow, you will dream of the person you are going to marry.

·        Jaffa Cakes are cakes and not biscuits was established by a VAT Tribunal in 1991.

·        World’s only Trappist monastery selling fruit cakes on internet is the Assumption Abbey in Missouri.

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