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Most popular cakes in Britain

Britain is the land of cakes without doubt. Cakes are a part of everyday life as well as special occasions and celebrations. What are those extra special cakes which top the list in a nation of cake lovers? Let us see the cakes which have shared the top honors:

Victoria sponge: Named after Queen Victoria, victoria sponge is one of the most loved cakes in Britain. The traditional Victoria sponge contains whipped vanilla cream or double cream, raspberry jam. They are sandwiched between two sponge cakes and the top is covered in a dusting of icing sugar. Many variants of victoria sponge are available today but the classic is truly delicious!

Lemon drizzle: It is made in many parts of England during easter. The lemon drizzle which is not too sweet and has a lemony kick tastes the best.

Fat rascal: This cake looks similar to a scone and is shaped like a dome. It is traditional to Yorkshire and is made with currants and candied peel.

Fondant fancy: This is a British version of iced sponge cake topped with fondant icing and buttercream.

Chelsea bun: It was first created in Bun House located in Chelsea district. Rich dough seasoned with cinnamon and lemon rolled into a square spiral shape is what sets this cake apart from others.

Battenburg: This cake is characterized by its check patterns which is covered in marzipan. It is colored alternatively in pink and yellow. It was first created in 1884 to celebrate the marriage of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter to Battenburg prince, Prince Louis.

Eccles cake: Named after the town of Eccles in Manchester, this delicious cake is filled with currants and created from flaky pastry with butter. It has a small round shape and can be topped with demerara sugar.

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