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Suggestions for better baking and some mistakes to dodge

Cupcakes, although utterly delicious are quite tricky while baking. You need to bake quite a good number of small cakes and also frost them. If you more or less look out for few common mistakes and use some tips, you can create yummy cupcakes within a short time.

Check out our advice for best cupcake creation below:

Do not use ingredients directly from the freezer

Ingredients like milk, butter, eggs are generally stored in the freezer and most people start making dough instantly after taking them out. But in order that your cupcakes be tasty, light and fluffy you should allow the ingredients in the freezer to come to room temperature. This will ensure that the ingredients mix together as well as with the dry ingredients much better than the cold ones.

Use the best ingredients

Always try to buy the real vanilla, best chocolate and the finest quality ingredients. They will definitely have huge and positive impact on the cupcake. Quality is very important.

Be careful while mixing the batter

Mixing the batter is one of the most important steps in cake making. But you should take notice that while doing so, you need not invest all your strength and speed into it. Mix them in a steady speed until they mix perfectly. If you over blend the mixture, it will kill the air bubbles that bring the light and fluffy element in the cake.

Use clean spoon

Rather than working with already used spoon, use a clean and different spoon or preferably cookie scoop to measure out the batter uniformly in the cupcake moulds. This will help the cupcakes to bake evenly.

Keep a little gap from the brim of your cupcake liner

Do not fill your cupcake liners to the brim with batter. This will lead the batter to flow out into the pan because the cupcakes will rise as they bake.

Always preheat the oven

It is absolutely imperative that you should preheat your oven before putting your cupcake batter into it. Only then will your cupcakes be light, fluffy and delicious.

Do not open the oven door

After you put your cupcake batter in the oven let them bake and do not open the oven door. If you do so, the heat inside gets released and it effects the baking process and the original time that you have set.

Remove cupcakes from the pan

Once you take out the cupcakes, remove them from the pan and place them on a cooling rack. If they are not removed from the pan quickly the cupcakes will continue to get heat and cook more till they dry out.

Use frosting

Frosting acts as important cupcake sealer which prevents the cupcakes from drying out. So, use frosting on your cupcakes to keep them light and juicy.

Be patient

Frosting though important can go totally wrong if you apply it immediately after taking the cupcakes out of the oven. They should be cooled first and then be frosting applied otherwise the frosting will melt.

For absolutely yummy light and juicy cupcakes, Kool Cakes is the place to be. Just log on to www.koolcakes.co.uk or give us a call at 02084279990 and order these heavenly cupcakes. Also you can communicate with us through Facebook and Twitter and put in your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.

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