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The remedial power of cake creation and decoration

Everyone wants to be happy. But sometimes life lets you down and you tend to let negativity surround you. Many people have their own specialized ways to deal with stress, negativity and sadness. Cooking and baking are two very common methods to counter negativity.

How does baking help one to reduce tensions and stress? Let us have a look.

Baking is a slow and measured procedure. It needs time, planning and concentration. Working in small measured steps and planning about it will take your mind away from your troubles. Baking is fun.

The tantalizing smell that engulf you while you bake are sure to make you happy and cheerful. Aromatherapy is a proven technique to overcome myriad problems that people face. The aroma of minced nutmeg, butter, honey, melted chocolate, vanilla, sugar and so many other delicious items baking together are sure to make you feel relaxed and happy.

Almost half of our brain cortex is mapped to our hands. Therefore, to maintain the health of the brain, hands should be used as much as possible. Using your own hands to create something also would give you a satisfaction like no other. Blending the batter, mixing the dough, doing the icing, decorating the cake will surely put your mind at ease. Moreover, if you are baking with your loved ones, it becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable. Working as team you can enjoy their company and create something beautiful at the same time.

Everyone is creative. If you start using your creativity, you can bake wonderful cakes and your mind would get totally absorbed in what you are doing. Your worries and the time both will fly away. When you are creating something new and are totally engrossed in it, there is no attention left to think about other things.

It is a proven fact that sharing something that has been created with love makes the person happy and gives a sense of fulfillment. In addition, it will also make you more confident and strengthen the sense of belonging.

Kool Cakes has some of the very best cakes baked at Harrow. Contact us via Twitter or Facebook. Also you can call us at 0208 4279990 or log in to www.koolcakes.co.uk to order online. 

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