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Vanilla- One of cake indispensables

No one can forget vanilla and how heavenly it smells not mentioning how divine does it taste! Most of us have tried to smell vanilla from that bottle as many times we could and still we longed for more. It seems most loved desserts have vanilla in common. Cakes, ice creams, marshmallows, buttercream frosting, cookies and so much more. Vanilla no doubt makes our lives more exciting and yummy!

Vanilla is almost indispensable in majority of the desserts especially the baked ones. Vanilla is one of the most favorite elements of dessert creators and lovers. Vanilla, by itself is absolutely delicious and its use furthermore, intensifies the flavors of all other ingredients. Cakes without vanilla tend to be dull and flat.

This wonderful vanilla extract is made by immersing whole vanilla beans in a mixture of water and alcohol. The seeds as well as their shells provide the flavor for the extract. More they are allowed to age together, more does it enhance and deepen the flavor. Vanilla pairs very nicely with sweet elements. But the unique taste and smell of vanilla has now forced many to use them in various savory dishes as well.

Pure vanilla can also be used in place of vanilla extract. It costs more than vanilla extract but good quality pure vanilla will make cakes, custard, pudding etc. much more delightful and tasty. Vanilla extract is the most popular form in which vanilla is used. Pure vanilla and vanilla extract both ingredients are a class apart. It is solely your choice on what type of vanilla you choose.

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