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Various types of piping nozzles

Piping nozzles come in myriad shapes, sizes and designs which are very essential for creating the exact designs, intricacies and shapes that you love to decorate your cakes with. Let us have a look at a few essential piping nozzles.

Simple round nozzle

They are very basic piping nozzles. As a beginner, this is the best for you. You can make sweet and simple designs on your cake. Keep two sets of such nozzles – one with a bigger round nozzle and another with a smaller nozzle. With the bigger ones you can put swirls on your cakes easily and the smaller ones are great for writing as well as creating little details on your cake.

Open star nozzle

They are great for creating light textured swirls on cakes, making pretty borders at the bottom of iced cakes, designing meringue kisses or even small dollops of frosting and buttercream above your scrumptious cake.

Close star nozzle

Just like their open star counterparts, the closed star piping nozzles are valuable for creating ruffles with buttercream or frosting, small roses, gems on top of cakes or even for borders in cakes and other baked goodies. Close star nozzles create a more distinguished texture because the ridge on the tips are much more tight compared to the open star ones.

Ruffle piping or petal making nozzle

They are best for making flowers and complex decorating patterns and utterly dazzling ruffles on your cakes. To make intricately detailed ruffles and flowers, be sure to hold the bigger end of the tip near the cake while the smaller or the thinner end should face upwards.

Leaf piping nozzle

Just like their name, these nozzles are best for creating leaves and foliage dressing on your cakes. The simple large V shaped tip makes smooth leaves that are spread at the base and thin at the top. Nozzles with tiny opening, a cut on the top and a small crimp in the middle makes more detailed and ruffled leaves.

Unique piping nozzle

In addition to all these, there are nozzles for specialized purposes. There are nozzles which can create grass, basket weave and a host of other effects. You can buy these nozzles and create patters to surprise everybody.

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