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Which type of flour is the best choice for baking cakes?

Flour is the backbone on which the whole baking process rests. It is so vital that no flour would mean no cake. Flour consists of proteins, carbohydrates or starch and if it is whole wheat flour it includes a little fat in addition to the aforementioned others. From a baker’s perspective, it is proteins which are most important. The proteins in wheat are known as gluten forming proteins and this particular quality of protein is the governing factor in determining the performance of flour in baking process.

High amount of protein means the flour is stronger and it is good for baking yeast risen and crispy items and breads. Low protein content implies soft flour and they are the best alternative for baking delicate, light, juicy and fluffy products like cakes, pies, cookies etc. The volume of protein in wheat mainly varies between 5% to 15% and therefore flour has established labeling standards which act as pointers to find the right flour to suit your baking needs.

Among the various types of flour suited for baking cakes, following varieties of flour are popular:

All purpose flour

This flour is created from a mixture of soft and hard wheat and its protein content is kept at an average level so that it becomes flexible enough for cakes and breads. If you are not a professional or an expert in baking, then this is the best flour for you. But you should remember that cakes baked with this flour are little less soft than those created with cake flour. So, if you want, you can add cake flour to this flour to make your cakes softer and more delicate.

Bread flour

The protein content in this type of bread is high, mostly between 11.5 to 13.5 percent. They are generally made from crushed whole wheat that are of the hard type. The strong glutinous connection creates rough and comparatively hard crumbs that are not ideal for cake baking.

Pastry flour

Made form soft wheat flour, its protein content varies generally between 7 to 9.5 percent. This type of flour is normally of the unbleached sort. They although are not used much in cake creation, but the low protein and the size of its granules make it an option worth considering.

Cake flour

As its name suggests, this is the best flour for baking the most light and fluffy cakes. Its protein content is very less. The normal protein level in cake flour ranges between 6 to 8 percent. It is extracted from the core of the wheat grain to give the smoothest granules. This variety of flour is mostly bleached but now few unbleached options are also in the market. Cakes are mostly baked with this flour but they are in some cases, blended with all purpose flour to create a moderate flavour and textural effects.

Most people favor the all purpose flour and they combine it with cake flour to get the structure and taste of the cake according to their choice. If you have only all purpose flour, then go for the type with least protein content.

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