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Why recipes specify cake baking ingredients to be at room temperature

Quite a good number of cake recipes ask that the ingredients used should be at room temperature. Many actually do not give importance to it. But this is not a matter to be ignored. Of course this has its effects otherwise the instruction would not have been mentioned. For a specified recipe to live up to its absolute potential, you need to follow instructions fully. If you do not use room temperature ingredients as is suggested, your cake might not be as delicious or look as inviting as the one made with ingredients at room temperature.

Temperature of ingredients have their effects on the final outcome eventually. Why is this temperature so important? Let us see:

Softening: Batter ingredients need to be soft and get emulsified; for that eggs and butter play a very important role. If the butter or the eggs are cold, then emulsification will take more time and the mixing of the fats and liquids might not be very thorough. Whereas if both are in room temperature they blend easily with the other ingredients and create a more equitable distribution.

Fluidity: This applies more in case of butter. Chilled butter is hard and it would not mix with rest of the ingredients. Therefore, it might not create the appropriate coating of flour proteins or admit the creation of air pockets while you beat the batter.

Melting: The sugar which is one of the most important ingredients melts at differing degrees. If it is too cold it would not melt totally and if it is too warm, it would melt too much.

So, temperature does have an important role to play. Just be sure to read out the instructions properly before you start baking!

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