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Writing on cakes made easy

While decorating your cake so as to make it more appealing and scrumptious to the hilt, you then have only one important task at hand – writing on the cake. It can be a little tricky and complex but you need not worry as we will tell you the easiest way of doing so.

Write your text early

It is always advisable to write your desired text before you finish decorating the top of the cake. If you do that, then you can easily cover any mistakes that might happen while writing without disturbing any of the decoration.


Practice writing the exact text with piping on a different surface before actually going for it. The more you practice, the better will be the final outcome.


Decide the size and font of your text and print it out on a piece of paper. Take a parchment paper, place it over the printed sheet and begin piping. Cursive writing style is easiest to pipe.

Exact replica

Make the text font that you print and the sheet on which it is done an exact replica of the size of the cake and the font in which the text is to be piped on the cake. Your text should be such that it doesn’t upset the decorations on the cake and yet look spectacular!

How to pipe

The piping on the cake is most important. The whole look and feel of the cake depends on it. If the piping is very thick it might look bulky. Thin piping, in most cases look more elegant and also saves space.

Writing on cakes is no easy task, even professionals practice before writing on the cake to get the font, spacing exactly right. No matter the font, size or decoration you , must practice at least a few times before going for it.

Whether you want elaborate writing or something simple on your cakes and want your cakes utterly delicious at the same time, Kool Cakes is your go to place. Log on to www.koolcakes.co.uk or by call us at 02082043949 to place your order. Also you can reach us via Facebook or Twitter and enter into the world of truly yummy cakes.

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