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Christening / Baptism / Holy Communion Cakes

Be it a naming day or the 1st Holy Communion, your kid’s special event needs a centerpiece that perfectly aligns with the theme of the occasion. These christening cakes here are perfect for celebrating your kids first religious occasion.

Sticking to the tradition, we have cakes that are simply structured and covered in buttercream, fresh cream or icing. All of our christening cakes or baptism cakes can be personalised with toppers of your choice that goes well with the main event of the day. Our Holy Communion cakes imitating the holy book, comes in a variety of decorations and colours. Some are topped with icing roses while some have the cross as a topper. You can take your favourite pick from our store.

Want something a little different from the traditional type of square white? Take a look at our designer christening cakes. These cakes although tastes as delicious as any of our traditional cakes, have a unique design for naming day or baptism day celebration.

You can also opt to build yourself a simple cake with our cake builder here and we will bake it to perfection and have it delivered right on time.

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Baby Blocks and Booties Christening Cake (KC0215)

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View   Baby Blocks and Booties Christening Cake (KC0215)

Bear Topper Christening Cake (KC0216)


View   Bear Topper Christening Cake (KC0216)

Beautiful Holy Communion Cake (KC0220)


View   Beautiful Holy Communion Cake (KC0220)

Confirmation/Communion Cake (KC0219)


View   Confirmation/Communion Cake (KC0219)

Cream Book Shaped Cake (KC0222)


View   Cream Book Shaped Cake (KC0222)

Dotted Joy (KC0026)


View   Dotted Joy (KC0026)

Elegant Rose Christening Cake (KC0218)


View   Elegant Rose Christening Cake (KC0218)

KC0014 (KC0014)


View   KC0014 (KC0014)

Large Book Shaped Cake (KC0221)


View   Large Book Shaped Cake (KC0221)

Lovely Christening Cake (KC0217)

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View   Lovely Christening Cake (KC0217)

The Bread of life.. The Cup of Joy... (KC0223)


View   The Bread of life.. The Cup of Joy... (KC0223)

Two Tiered Tiny Feet Cake (KC0042)


View   Two Tiered Tiny Feet Cake (KC0042)
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