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Corporate Cakes

Eccentric would be the correct term for corporate cakes, as each cake is built unique. We create bespoke corporate cakes that align with your company’s motto, product or service perfectly. Whether it’s a product launch, campaign, achievement or milestone celebration, you need something that celebrates your firm’s motto accurately and we are here to help.

Anything starting from toppers to the colour of cream, shape, and size can be personalised for our corporate cakes. With their characteristic feature you get to bite into a delicious mix of flavours and rich cream that would brighten your day and the party instantly.

A lot of our clients prefer indulging in such cakes with a memorable picture. If that’s something you’d love to have on the cake, we can make it happen. These picture cakes can also be topped with toppers of your choice and messages.

You can keep it simple with the structure and shape while sending out a clear message with a quote that’s relevant to the occasion. No crowd is too big for us to feed these delicious bits. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will create a bespoke corporate cake that speaks volumes about your product, service or company as a whole in any size and shape of your preference.

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Exodus (KC0017)

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View   Exodus (KC0017)

Zee Europe 20 Years (KC0018)

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View   Zee Europe 20 Years (KC0018)

Euro Car Parts Cake (KC0078)

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View   Euro Car Parts Cake (KC0078)

3D Airplane on Runway (KC0080)


View   3D Airplane on Runway (KC0080)

Just a Picture and Fruit (KC0261)

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View   Just a Picture and Fruit (KC0261)

More Bonus For Partners (KC0368)

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View   More Bonus For Partners (KC0368)

Ark Academy Cream Cake (KC0370)

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View   Ark Academy Cream Cake (KC0370)

Keith Lemon's Lemonaid (KC0373)

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View   Keith Lemon's Lemonaid (KC0373)

HSBC North West London (KC0374)

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View   HSBC North West London (KC0374)

Age Concern Brent (KC0380)


View   Age Concern Brent (KC0380)

Swami (KC0383)

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View   Swami (KC0383)

Worlds Largest Sculpture Cake (KC0360)

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View   Worlds Largest Sculpture Cake (KC0360)
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