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Kids Cakes

Kids love options, so why limit their choices when it comes to cakes for celebrating their achievements and birthdays? We have here a humungous collection of kids cakes in fresh cream, butter cream, chocolate and icing. Packed with flavours, made with fresh ingredients, these cakes not only deliver a party in your mouth but are also equally delightful in appearance; a total crowd-pleaser. 

Growing up watching cartoon characters, kids tend to fall in love with them. Keeping that in mind we create 3D cakes and character theme cakes like princess cakes, Mickey Mouse cakes and so much more.

What do kids love other than Cartoon? Toys of course! We have a variety of toy themed cakes like Lego cakes, dinosaur cake, vehicle cakes, PlayStation theme cakes that would be a real surprise for your kid.

Our kid’s cakes collection with their rich taste doesn’t just end with themes and cartoons. The number cakes here are each unique in their decoration and can all be recreated to suit any crowd size of your choice.

Decorated with vibrant colours, fun toppers all our kids cakes are playful to look at and delivers a rich mouth-watering taste with every bite. Pick whatever you like here and we can have it personalised with a message, quote or topper of your choice. If you have a certain idea of what the cake must look like, check out our cake builder that will guide you to create the perfect cake for your kids.

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Cookie Monster (KC0103)


View   Cookie Monster (KC0103)

Rock Star Birthday cake (KC0104)


View   Rock Star Birthday cake (KC0104)

Puppy's Paws Birthday Cake (KC0107)


View   Puppy's Paws Birthday Cake (KC0107)

Sophie Giraffe Cake (KC0109)


View   Sophie Giraffe Cake (KC0109)

Hot Wheels Cake (KC0110)


View   Hot Wheels Cake (KC0110)

Angry Birds Star Wars on Lego Wall (KC0111)


View   Angry Birds Star Wars on Lego Wall (KC0111)

Pacman Cake (KC0112)


View   Pacman Cake (KC0112)

IPhone & Sky Remote on the Cake (KC0116)


View   IPhone & Sky Remote on the Cake (KC0116)

Teletubbies Toppers on a butter Cream Cake (KC0120)


View   Teletubbies Toppers on a butter Cream Cake (KC0120)

Teletubbies Toppers on a Fresh Cream Cake (KC0121)


View   Teletubbies Toppers on a Fresh Cream Cake (KC0121)

Beautiful Snow (KC0124)


View   Beautiful Snow (KC0124)

Jungle Theme Cake (KC0125)


View   Jungle Theme Cake (KC0125)
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