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Novelty Cakes

Looking for something different for a themed birthday party? Well, you don’t need to look beyond us. All of our novelty cakes are made from the freshest of ingredient with the touch of bakers who have mastered the art of cake making. These novelty cakes greatly vary in terms of decoration, theme and size. While we offer cakes that are perfect for smaller parties, we also have bigger cakes to fit any crowd size of your choice.

Kid’s Novelty cake

Kids are always attracted to fun, why should their special cake miss out on it? Our novelty cakes, specially made for kids parties, like birthdays, graduations are not only playful to look at but taste as amazing as our traditional cakes. We have here, sports theme cake, Disney theme cakes, castle cakes, superhero theme cakes and so much more for the kids to take their pick. 

Adult’s Novelty Cake

Adult’s need to let loose and have some fun too amidst all the monotony. Our novelty cakes here are the perfect gateway to having a great party and spread the joy. With each bite providing a treat for your mouth, these cakes have been decorated and designed as liquor bottle, mendhi and makeup. Our mendhi cakes are perfect for ceremonies and religious occasions, while the novelty birthday cakes do a fine job at your birthday party.

So pick your favourite here and we can adorn it with a special message or a topper of your choice and personalize it to suit your need. If you have your own idea of the cake, you can hop on to our cake builder to design your favourite piece and we will have it delivered.

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Winnie the Pooh & Friends Tiered Cake (KC0039)


View   Winnie the Pooh & Friends Tiered Cake (KC0039)

KC0040 (KC0040)


View   KC0040 (KC0040)

Three Tiered Waybuloo Cake (KC0041)


View   Three Tiered Waybuloo Cake (KC0041)

Two Tiered Tiny Feet Cake (KC0042)


View   Two Tiered Tiny Feet Cake (KC0042)

Two Tiered Superhero Themed Cake (KC0043)


View   Two Tiered Superhero Themed Cake (KC0043)

Two Tiered Spiderman Themed Cake (KC0044)


View   Two Tiered Spiderman Themed Cake (KC0044)

3D Minion Cake & Cupcakes (KC0045)


View   3D Minion Cake & Cupcakes (KC0045)

Simple Castle Theme (KC0046)


View   Simple Castle Theme (KC0046)

Friendly Dinosaur Cake (KC0047)


View   Friendly Dinosaur Cake (KC0047)

PlayStation 3 Cake (KC0048)


View   PlayStation 3 Cake (KC0048)

Laptop Cake (KC0049)

Call us for a quote

View   Laptop Cake (KC0049)

Pink Guitar (KC0050)


View   Pink Guitar (KC0050)
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