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Wedding / Engagement Cakes

Every wedding is special in its own way and every couple deserves a magnificentwedding cake on their big day. At Kool Cakes you’ll find tons of options to choose the best cake according to your requirement. Each wedding cake here is hand finished and made to look enchanting, so you can have the perfect centerpiece for your wedding. These cakes are not only made for weddings but can be equally enjoyed at engagements as well.

Starting from simple single cakes perfect for a small crowd, we have multi-tiered ones to suffice for a larger one. Each wedding cake here has their own eccentric nature, some with icing drapes and cascading flowers for a regal look, while the others are topped with figurines, bows and so much more.The options here don’t just end with toppers and sizes; you can have cakes with different coloured icings, butter cream and fresh cream.

If you’re not keen on sticking to the norms of having giant wedding cakes on the special day, we have something else in store for you.Our wedding cupcakes have been specially designed to make up for the single cake and they are as gorgeous as the traditional wedding cakes we deliver.

Wish to have a little more complexity and personalization on your cake? Build a cake with us! With our cake builder here at Kool Cakes you can now Order one based on the serving size, shape and type. So take your pick, let us know and we will deliver your personalised cake for your big day.

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KC0419 (KC0419)

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Elegant Orchids Tiered Cake (KC0433)


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